We Invite You to Volunteer

At SCC, we depend on volunteers with big hearts and a ready smile to be our ambassadors in serving our community and helping to improve their lives. Taking a leadership role, our volunteers roll up their sleeves and get involved by helping to:

A Truly Rewarding Experience

We’re always seeking dedicated people with the desire, skills and knowledge to take ownership and lead a new program, class, workshop or seminar.

If you have a great idea that would benefit members of our community, or just provide entertainment and fun, we’d love to hear from YOU!

Become an Ambassador for SCC Programs

Our volunteers are vital to our success in obtaining grants to fund SCC. By tracking the hours they work, we’re better able to qualify. Senior status is not required to be a volunteer. We welcome everyone who has a willing heart to help.

We invite you to call us to get involved: (209) 962-7303.


“I volunteer with SCC and use their services.  In any given week, I might join a game of Mahjongg, attend a committee meeting, and call in a service request to Village on the Hill.”

“You never know who you are going to meet when volunteering with SCC.  I’ve had coffee with a former race car driver, given a ride to the wife of a NASA scientist, and changed smoke-detector batteries for one of our local community leaders.  It’s a great way to really get to know our neighbors.”